Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Seek Wisdom?

So, why all of a sudden am I blogging, you might ask? First, I need to finish my book and figured that getting in the habit of writing more would help and second, because I have something to say! I've read some of the most peculiar things on people's blogs and figure why not add my own little random, twisted spin on life to the world wide web!

Seriously speaking, Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth is basically dedicated to folks who realize that they don't know it all! Prosperity should be our goal in all of areas of our life - health, relationships, finances, etc. In order to achieve wealth or abundance, however, we have to admit that there are things out there that we just don't know and acknowledge that knowing them might make our lives just a little better!

We've all met the Mr. or Mrs. KnowItAll who really and truly believes that they are wise because of a school or university they have attended or degrees they have earned. It is true that seeking higher education will provide us with knowledge, but it is important not to confuse knowledge with wisdom. Knowledge is basically having the facts. But wisdom is applying those facts to real life. It means nothing to merely know something without knowing when, how and where to use it.

So my goal is to encourage others to seek widsom in everything that they do. Why do life's lessons have to be so darn hard? When folks who have been there and done that try to help people out, its so sad to hear silly responses like, "I'll just have to learn the hard way." or "I want to make my own mistakes." WHY?!? Why not learn from the mistakes and/or successes of others? It saves so much time, money and heartache. What on earth is so intriguing about failing for yourself? From personal experience, it does make you a little more aggressive about really striving for your goals, but I feel like I could've done without blowing through the thousands of dollars that I lost to learn lessons that my dad had tried to explain to me a long time ago!

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying to just listen to any old person that has an opinion. As we all know opinions are like . . . well, you know how the saying goes, but everyone has one! I believe in seeking wise counsel. Its nothing wrong with checking out a persons reputation and credibility before taking advice in some particular area. The point is to just seek some type of wisdom in order to gain the abundance desired in life. Without the application of wisdom, failure will continue to be a constant companion.

So . . . Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth and Be Blessed!

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