Monday, January 26, 2009

An Unwise Hire

Proverbs 26:10
Like an archer who wounds at random is he who hires a fool or passer-by.

Uhhmmm . . . so I should have read this verse a long time ago. Actually I'm sure I've read it a million times, but it never hit home like it did today!

Today I started going through the receipts and invoices for my current flip and the fact that I've wasted hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on hiring foolish people really hurt my feelings. My plumber, though very nice at first, ended up being a total butt when his workers flooded one of the lower units of the building. Once he began to act just too over the top and foolish, I dismissed him without recalling that he had referred the electrician! So, as if they were a package deal, the electrician started acting like a retard too! With tenants ready to move in on the 1st, I was forced to pay another electrician about $1800 more than what was budgeted! Urgh!

Not only did that hurt my feelings and pockets, but as I not so enthusiastically scraped paint off of windows with a razor blade today, I realized that we wasted even more money on a few passer-byers throughout this project, as well. You know the kind that live somewhere in the neighborhood and harass you ever day about helping out? The ones that swear they've done everything under the sun twice and make you an offer you can't resist? Well, ours were supposed to help out with small stuff, but ended up being more of a hindrance than any real help. I spent the day doing this tedious stuff because none of those random guys we hired to help some weeks back, were competent enough to do things like scrape paint off windows! The were both sloppy and unprofessional. But, then again, what did I expect? They were also cheap. The saying, 'You get what you pay for.' is really true and how unwise of me to think anything different!

Please learn from my mistakes, as I should have learned from the many flippers who came before me! Don't waste time with unprofessional help. Just because someone has a license, it doesn't make them a professional either. Both the plumber and electrician were licensed, but still foolish. Ask questions, get copies of errors & omission insurance upfront and don't hire random folks off the street no matter what they claim they can do!

Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth and Be Blessed!

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