Friday, April 10, 2009

Desires Granted

Proverbs 10:24
What the wicked dreads will overtake him;
what the righteous desire will be granted.

Over the last 5 weeks my husband and I have experienced several incidences of favor which we know are only from God. We put several things before him and one by one, we watched God allow some doors to open, others close and opportunities that we had prayed for, but long put to the back of our minds, manifest themselves!

About eight or nine years ago, I heard a message about where the desires of our heart come from and why they were granted. The pastor taught that they were planted by God, so that when he granted them, you would know it could be no one but Him and give Him the honor and glory. I wish I had my Sunday Journal handy so I could share some points from that awesome lesson, but above anything I want you to remember that God can grant you the desires of your heart! No matter how big or small, He is able to do anything, if we'd just do our part and believe that He can and wants to.

Gerald and I began keeping track of the things that we were praying and fasting for and were stunned by how many things just kept working in our favor. Early in last month, we dubbed it March: The Month of Miracles. At the end of the month, we read 12 specific things that God had done and many of them had been things we desired long ago, but only now can we appreciate why God did them in the order that He did!

Take a moment to put some things before God and recall other things you've been desiring for awhile. Begin keeping track of even the smallest things and trust God today to grant you ALL the desires of your heart. Just remember that they may not come when you believe they should, but they will be right on time! And above all else, don't forget to give Him the honor, glory and praise He deserves before and after it happens!

Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth and Be Blessed . . . .

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Angie said...

Praise Him! When our hearts are in tune with His, the fruit comes abundantly, yes?