Friday, September 3, 2010

Fire Your Clients!

Fire Your Clients!
Yeah, you read right!  Fire your clients!  If you have clients that are taking up all of your time and energy, yet won't allow you to charge what you're worth, do what I do . . . . FIRE THEM!

I know the economy isn't doing as well as we all would like and that sucks!  But, how is being drained by ungrateful, blood thirsty clients going to make this tsunami any better for you?  If you really think about what it costs you in time and energy to deal with a rude, nasty or demanding client, you're probably not making that much in the first place. 

Don't you think that time could be better spent elsewhere?  You could be improving your marketing materials or adding value and additional services to the clients you do like.  Even if your client is sweet as pie, but never pays you on time or is always rearranging your schedule for you, you are really dealing with someone who doesn't value or respect you. 

I say in ANY relationship where you feel abused and misused it begins to take a toll on you from the inside out.  Don't allow anyone to bring your spirit down or alter your passion for the business you pour soul into.  Remember, how you feel on the inside will start to manifest on the outside! 

After you give unruly clients a verbal and written warning, give them the pink slip if no changes have been made.  Use that time to journal who your ideal client is and then go after the people who are dying to find someone as gifted and talented as you.  Clean out the client clutter and make room for some real business!

Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth & Be Blessed!

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