Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be Selfish. Just Say No!

I know the idea of being selfish seems like an awful thing, but to be successful in life sometimes you have to consider how overextending yourself can impact you in the long run. It's not so much that you want to be stingy, but as my mentor, Steve Harvey says, "the worst thing you can do for a poor person is become one of them!"
I get it ladies.  As a woman, I know we feel obligated to do everything someone asks of us because if we don't they may not like us . . . or be mad at us . . . or think less of us.  But, newsflash: PEOPLE WILL SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU AS LONG AS YOU ALLOW THEM TO and probably still end up being mad at you about something!  So I say, let them be mad while you still have money!  No point in being broke AND friendless!

As a Black woman, I feel comfortable in saying that I think we have a double dose of anxiety about this subject.  We've taken the "Strong Black Woman" title to mean that we MUST be responsible for and take care of EVERYBODY from adult children to the church! We over do it so much to the point that when we have an emergency and need something for ourselves, we're depleted; we have nothing left to give emotionally and especially financially.

You can't give until the point where you have nothing left to meet your own basic needs.  In no way, shape or form (as my mom says) does that make any sense!  If you want to be financially fit, then learn when to say "No!"  Think back to that snazzy anti-drug campaign of the '80s and '90s and "JUST SAY NO!"  You've seen what can happen to people that didn't listen to the last campaign!
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Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth & Blessed!

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Anonymous said...

black woman are very strong and yes some time we let our hearts get in the way of things because of the way you were raise but our mothers are so strong so that comes with a blessings and but dont let our being blackwoman fool you am proud to be who i'am one thing i will never ever walk with my head because am a strong black woman and am not a selfish woman at all