Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is The Kardashian Kard A Rip-Off?

It was okay when the Kardashian sisters, seemingly famous for nothing, made their money on reality shows, perfumes, jewelry & even now Skechers Step-Ups.  But venturing into making money on young people losing big money is downright shameful.  They're not the first celebrities to endorse a prepaid card, as apparently quite a few grown folks hold Rush Cards today and endure even more alarming fees than the Kardashian Kard.  The alarming part about the K. Kard, however, is the demographic of young women, 18 -25, in which they target.  

In a society where far too many young people are already disillusioned by this notion of keeping up with the Kardashians, this endorsement can really spiral a hefty sum of young women down a path that in this economy they ought not even tip toe onto.  Haven't they heard that the fastest growing segment of bankruptcy filings are amongt young people, 18 -25? . . . Or, did the chi-chings drown that out and prove that this was definitely another great money maker concocted by their brilliant stage mom, Kris Jenner.

Nevertheless, you decide if the K. Kard is a rip-off and if the kost of keeping up with the Kardashians is worth it to you and the young people you know.

The Kardashian Kard carries two options:

A six-month plan that costs $59.95 or a 12-month plan for $99.95.

According to Consumer Reports:

The six-month plan covers the $9.95 purchase fee, $5 minimum deposit, and a $7.95 monthly fee for the duration of the plan. The 12-month plan is identical except it includes the $7.95 monthly fee for the full year.  (The Rush Card monthly fee is $9.95.)

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In addition, consumers will be subject to a $1.50 fee for withdrawing funds at an ATM (plus the fee the ATM operator charges); $1 fee if ATM or point of sale transactions are declined; $1 fee to check balances at ATMs; $1.50 to speak by phone to a customer service representative; and $9.95 to replace a lost or stolen card.

After the initial six- or 12-month purchase period for the Kardashian Kard expires, consumers must pay a $7.95 monthly fee for as long as they use the card. Cancelling the Kardashian Kard will result in an additional fee.

Feel flashy and glamorous if you want, but the only folks laughing all the way to the bank will be the Kardashians! Let's see if you can katch up with that!
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