Monday, November 29, 2010

Is Money A Thoughtful Gift?

Finding the perfect gift is a delicate dance between what people want, what your resources can afford and the time and energy you have to put into the search.  Boiled down to simple terms:  a successful gift is the one that is both wanted AND thoughtful.

Remember when you were a kid though and received your first disappointing gift? Your first lesson in gratefulness was your mom saying something along the lines of "It's the thought that counts." Since then you've probably received countless “thoughtful” presents that you've only pretended to like. The bad news though is you've probably given some yourself.  At some point, you've also racked your brain and wallet to create the feeling that you really cared about someone – but despite your greatest efforts, your gift was a dud and someone muttered to you those infamous five words - "It's the thought that counts."

With that, you've probably done what millions have: saved your time, energy and brain power and switched to money-gifts.  Money is definitely easy to give and, for most of us, it definitely meets the "want" requirement of the equation, but is it really thoughtful? 

At one time, even crisp bills tucked in your Christmas card were seen as insincere.  But in the last several years, the gift card industry has grown tremendously as many have probably discovered that money just doesn't disappoint like our "thoughtful" gifts often do. 

So, do gift cards make money-gifts more acceptable?  Afterall, we do have to put thought into the dollar amount and store, right?  What does our $25 billion dollar gift card industry truly say about this notion of it being "the thought that counts?"  Is it possible that this huge trend of giving money-gifts is a sign that most of us have just given up on finding the “perfect present” all together? 

Call me old fashioned, but I'm sticking to gift giving being about the thought - even if that thought is to simply give me a gift card.  At least you thought about me! Do you plan on giving money-gifts this year?  Would you be upset or any less grateful to receive one?  I want to hear from you, so take a second and share your thoughts!

Happy Holidays!

Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth & Be Blessed!


Anonymous said...

Give me a gift card or money both are great. Yes It is the thought that counts... But cash is King

Dr. Faith said...

Honestly speaking, gift giving is only wonderful when the gift that is given is something that yo like or can use.
I think giving an actual gift is good when you dont have much to spend but can find something that looks expensive and you know what that person likes. Giving money is good when you want to avoid giving a gift that may not work out for the person. That's thoughtful!