Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Create Wealthy Habits - Part 1

Most people understand the saying that we are “creatures of habit.”  The part they don’t get, however, is that habits come in two forms: doing and not doing. Many of us can think of the things we actively do each day as habits which may be either good or bad.  But, when you don’t do the things you know you should be doing, then you are practicing the often unnoticed habit of simply not doing, which can be just as detrimental.  As I tell my clients often, “Stop telling me what you are trying to do.  You’re either doing or you’re not doing. There is no in between.” 

So, if you aren’t practicing wealthy habits, then more than likely you are practicing un-wealthy habits. Once you acknowledge that there is no in between and begin to take action, you can move onward and upward. The choice is ultimately yours.

Here are a few ways to begin creating wealthy habits today:

The number one reason people fail is because they have no goals to begin with. It’s impossible to get what you want if you aren’t exactly sure of what you want.  You need to be clear about your intentions in order to create them.  Write them down and be as concise with any details, as possible – especially those dealing with numbers or financial objectives. You’ll be amazed at how opportunities come about and begin to lead you in the direction of your goal.

You have to know the “why” behind what you want. Without declaring a purpose, you’ll continue to live in the moment and blindly throw money away.  Knowing the “why” of what you are doing, will keep you focused on reaching both long- and short-term goals.  Depending on what goals you’ve set for yourself, find your purpose by filling blanks like these:

“Creating an additional $1,000/mo in income would allow me to . . .”
  Ex.       . . . graduate from college with minimal debt.

“Saving $50 from each paycheck would allow me to. . . “
  Ex.       . . . treat myself to a dream vacation in 2013.

Understanding your value allows you to create wealth by knowing what to charge for your service or product. We are all blessed with unique abilities and talents.  Selling ourselves short is an insult to God.  He gives us the ability to produce wealth, but when we don’t maximize that potential to the fullest, we can’t turn around and beg God for much more else financially.  Once you understand and declare your value, you will be much more confident in charging what you are worth and communicating that to potential clientele.

Try implementing these first few habits this week and let me know how it goes. Make sure to check back next week for the remaining four points for beginning wealthy habits today. You don't want to miss them!

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Joycelyn Scott said...

GREAT articles, between you and Susie Orman I just may make it this year to my ultimate goal, owning my own Sourhern Cafe.

Deborah Owens said...

Patrice you are a quick study and I am glad that you are sharing the A Purse of Your Own habits of financially successful women. Can't wait to read the who book review.

Patrice C. Washington said...

Deborah, thanks for commenting on the blog! Great minds must truly think alike! This post actually came from my first workbook in 2009. . . We really share so many similarities in philosophy. I can't wait to finish reading A Purse of Your Own on the plane ride home. I'm excited about the review! ;)

A place of spiritual refuge said...

Hi Patrice! It's me Lorraine. Your blog is awesome and I think so highly of you. You are a true inspiration. I will start with these goals and will hold myself accountable. Keep up the greater work. I look forward to the other tips soon.

Sharee said...

Absolutely fantastic article! I did a self assessment and there are definitely some things I need to work on. Thanks and keep on cranking out relevant, helpful content!